Website Maintenance and Support

Supplement your digital marketing expertise with our maintenance and support services. We work alongside companies in the defence and security space to ensure websites are kept up to date with maintenance, patches and content.

We also provide a host of parallel products and services to make sure your digital deployment strategy remains effective, especially during crucial business opportunities such as Invitation To Tender (ITT).

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Much more than bug fixes and blogs.

The online world is constantly evolving. For every new development, there are dozens of opportunities and just as many problems. When things go wrong it can be at best, frustrating – at worst, damaging to your business.

We’re here to assist you whenever you need an extra pair of hands with your website or digital services. Whether it’s upgrading your business email accounts to Office 365, adding new content or pages to your website, or fixing broken links – we can help.

Our team stays up to date on the latest website automation, tools and technologies to make sure we can offer the best possible solutions to common issues. And on the rare occasion that we find a problem we’re not equipped to solve, we’re always happy to point our customers in the right direction.

Whatever the issue, upgrade or update you need, contact us for assistance – we’ll be happy to discuss.

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Struck By Digital Disaster?

Contact us using the request form below and one of our emergency website support team will get in touch as soon as possible.

We can help resolve:

  • Downed Websites
  • Malware and viruses
  • Data protection and security threats
  • GDPR requests
  • Broken payment gateways
Proactive Development

Enhance And Grow Your Digital Hub

We work with organisations to build a proactive roadmap of services they’ll need to develop in the future, often as their business grows or diversifies.

Examples include:

  • member and customer-only dashboards
  • product and campaign-specific landing pages
  • adding ecommerce functionality for retail purchases
  • integrating and automating marketing tools
  • lightweight video, document and image galleries

Contact us to discuss upcoming business developments and the tools available to enhance and simplify your online capabilities.

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Website Problems We Solve

Explore common problems and issues we can help with.

Broken and downed sites

There’s nothing as unappealing as a broken site, except for a website that isn’t live at all. If your site is down or isn’t appearing as it should, we can help find the cause of the problem and quick fixes to get up and running. We’ll then provide a plan of action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Malware and virus removal

Rogue admin accounts. Mysterious website files. These are just a few warning signs dangerous intruders have breached your website. We can help secure and clean your site to protect you from devastating customer and business data leaks, as well as limit the damage.

Looking for a security-conscious hosting solution? Our premium hosting plans include hardened firewalls, malware monitoring and removal by Sucuri.

Third-party integration and automation

Connect your website with a vast array of marketing tools, accounting systems, payment gateways and customer management software. Whether it’s a simple newsletter sign up form, or a complex inventory management system, we can add extra functionality to your existing site.

Website migrations

Moving websites between hosting providers can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the lingo. We can help migrate your website to one of our managed hosting plans or a separate provider of your choice. We’ll even recommend our top picks so that you can control your site with confidence moving forward.

Domain management

DNS settings, nameservers and TXT records… It can all get a little confusing.

We routinely help our clients reorganise and connect their web domains from a massive range of registrars, including GoDaddy, 123-reg and our preferred provider If you’re struggling with domain access or settings, get in touch so we can step in on your behalf.

Email systems, hosting and transfers

Shifting emails between providers can be complex – especially if you want to keep your full email history. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We can swiftly assist you in switching to Google Workspace, Office 365 or one of our hosted email plans. We’ll also provide easy-to-follow guidance on setting up new accounts on your phone, home and work computers.

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