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Complex campaigns delivered with simplicity.

We ensure your message reaches audiences in the best possible way.

We work with you to understand the demands of your business and build robust marketing systems to deliver consistent results, with the flexibility to optimise performance over time and execute campaigns with the end goal firmly in sight.

Automation plays a key role in eliminating wasted time and unnecessary costs while improving customer journeys and your bottom line. These tools provide personalised messaging to the desired audiences, allowing you to focus solely on the organic leads they generate.

We also provide a full suite of multimedia services to create value and impact – including videography, animation, and photography, as well as copywriting and audio services. We will help you craft the messages that land with both external and internal audiences, keeping your functions and people aligned.

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E-80 / Web

Coded to compete.

An effective website is the centrepiece of all digital communications.

It is where any buyer will form their first impression and decide if you have the capability they require.

We consult with procurement experts within the marketplace and understand the information they expect for sourcing the marketplace and qualifying their RFP/RFQ activities.

Using modern web technologies, we build websites to showcase your key products, services, achievements, case studies and essential company information to provide the perfect reference point for potential customers.

Security is at the forefront of our approach and considered at each step of the process, protecting you and giving your customers the confidence that their sensitive data is adequately secured against bad actors.

E-80 / Social

Reach key decision makers around the globe.

We provide effective, consistent messaging across all major social platforms.

Social networks and social media allow businesses to target key decision makers in relevant markets around the world.

Drawing on extensive experience in content development and curation, we position our clients to attract and engage a wider range of existing customer types, or new audiences to meet your business intent.

Social media evolves on a daily basis, and dedicated expertise is needed to consistently grow an engaged audience. We employ a variety of automated tools, trackers, and management platforms to boost the effectiveness of any campaign.

E-80 / Optics

A man with a rifle.
A missile. A ship.

Step away from stagnant visuals with a modern, dynamic brand identity.

Visual identity is homogeneous across the majority of defence and security providers. The reason is simple – companies believe that their capabilities, products and services speak
for themselves.

The human element of the purchasing process should not be ignored. Attractive brands stand out and stay front-of-mind to buyers, advocates and investors. Top tier talent will always want to work at aspirational companies.

Our design team produces immediately identifiable, effective and engaging brand identities that differentiate you from your competitors and communicate your company values.

E-80 / Contact

Accelerate your business goals with a compelling marketing presence.

We work with companies of any size, or can support the development, launch and success of individual projects and campaigns. Get in touch today to grow your online reach and attract valuable customers to your products and services.

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