Enhancing Cyber Security Collaboration: Our Journey with Surrey Cyber Security Cluster

At Echo Eighty, we take pride in partnering with innovative organisations to create impactful digital solutions. We are excited to share our journey with the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster (SCSC), a dynamic collaboration fostering growth and innovation in the cyber security industry. Join us as we explore the key milestones of our partnership, from crafting the SCSC’s unique brand design to building its user-centric website. Together, Echo Eighty and the SCSC have laid the foundation for enhanced collaboration and networking within the cyber security community.

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity

In mid-2022, Echo Eighty took on the exciting challenge of creating the brand design for the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster, to make a lasting impact and capture the essence of the cyber security community. Our fantastic team of designers rose to the occasion, delivering a visually striking brand identity that represented the SCSC and incorporated the iconic “S” and “C” initials of the cluster. We worked diligently to ensure that the brand design was ready in time to brand the UKC3 Application, playing a vital role in establishing a strong and memorable visual presence for the cluster.

Building an Engaging Digital Gateway

Next, in January 2023, Echo Eighty embarked on the mission of building the SCSC’s official website. Leveraging our expertise in web development and design, we crafted a user-centric digital gateway that serves as the primary hub of information for the cluster. The website provides visitors with essential details about upcoming events, valuable resources, and membership opportunities. The SCSC’s website now serves as a gateway to foster engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the cluster.

Amplifying Visibility and Engagement

We provided ongoing marketing support to the SCSC, leveraging our expertise to enhance visibility and engagement. Through strategic campaigns tailored to the target audience, we raised awareness of the SCSC’s events, initiatives, and achievements. By crafting personalized messaging and leveraging automation tools, we drove participation and encouraged valuable networking opportunities within the cyber security community. Our robust marketing systems simplified customer journeys, allowing the SCSC to focus on its core mission of fostering growth and innovation.

Capturing the Essence of SCSC Events

At the heart of the SCSC are its monthly Red Team and Blue Team Cyber Security Events, which bring together esteemed experts in the field. Echo Eighty played a pivotal role in documenting these events through professional videography and photography services. By capturing the essence of these gatherings, we showcased knowledge-sharing, interactive activities, and engaging presentations within the SCSC community. Our visual assets not only preserved valuable content for future reference but also served as compelling promotional material, attracting new participants and sponsors. Through our lens, we ensured that the SCSC’s events came to life, contributing to the cluster’s growth and recognition.

A Lasting Partnership and Future Collaborations

Echo Eighty is proud to have established a lasting partnership with the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster. Our journey with the SCSC, from crafting its brand design to building its website and providing ongoing marketing support, videography, and photography services, has been immensely rewarding. We have witnessed the cluster’s remarkable growth and impact within the cyber security industry. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our collaboration, supporting the SCSC in its mission to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration among cyber security professionals. Together, Echo Eighty and the SCSC will build a stronger and more secure digital future.

Our partnership with the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster exemplifies the commitment of Echo Eighty to create meaningful digital solutions that empower organizations and industries. From the initial brand design to the development of their engaging website, we have worked hand in hand with the SCSC to enhance collaboration and networking within the cyber security community. As we continue our journey together, Echo Eighty remains dedicated to supporting the growth and success of the SCSC, fostering innovation and driving progress in the dynamic field of cyber security.

Learn more and join the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster: surreycyber.com