Case Study: The LUNIQ Rebranding Journey

When Defence Enterprise Solutions approached us, they were at an impasse. Despite having a track record in delivering complex technical solutions, they struggled to penetrate new industries like Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Media. Their brand identity was stagnant and no longer reflected the company’s evolving persona.

Through consultation meetings, we ventured to uncover the core values, aspirations, and unique selling propositions of the company. Through incisive questioning, we discovered the values that the rebrand should represent:

  • Primary: Experts
  • Secondary: Impactful, Personable, High-Tech
  • Tertiary: Innovative, Flexible/Agile, Clean/Simple, Authoritative, Sophisticated



Crafting the Identity

As the crux of the rebranding, the new name had to be exemplary. We set stringent criteria for the name that would encompass the values we unearthed:

  • Simple to pronounce, easy to recall
  • Concise, fewer than ten characters
  • Can include invented words that encapsulate the brand
  • Avoid cliché or overused terms such as “cloud”
  • Must have an available company name, domain, and social handles

After exploring approximately 250 names, we finalised LUNIQ, representing the company’s unique approach and its ability to provide illuminating solutions to clients.

After the name was agreed upon and decided, we employed a Stylescape process to fashion three distinct design pathways. After weaving in the client feedback, we developed the final brand design that mirrored the LUNIQ persona.



Creation and Assembly

Our resource toolkit was abundant and varied, designed to create a comprehensive brand identity for LUNIQ. This included crafting distinct logo and lettermarks, revamping their website, and creating social media assets and branding. Furthermore, we redesigned their whitepapers, case studies, and document templates to maintain brand consistency. To ensure that the new brand identity was applied coherently, we also provided a thorough brand guidelines document.



Final Delivery

The transformation from Defence Enterprise Solutions was not just a change in appearance; it was the rebirth of a company ready to conquer new horizons. The new identity embraced its expertise, was personable yet impactful, and resounded with a high-tech, innovative aura. With the identity taking its final shape, LUNIQ was ready to step into the daylight as an authoritative, sophisticated brand.


The name change was driven by a strategic goal to expand into other verticals and diversify our product and service offerings. We realised that having “Defence” in the name might inadvertently restrict our growth opportunities and create a perception that we solely operate within the defence sector. We felt confident in entrusting the team at Echo Eighty with the critical task of overseeing our comprehensive rebranding initiative.

We found the initial consultation process to be engaging, relaxed and enjoyable. The team at Echo Eighty facilitated a series of in-depth discussions to gain a comprehensive understanding of our objectives for the new brand’s look and feel, along with asking a few more abstract questions that encouraged some fun creative thinking.

We were thoroughly satisfied overall with the way the project was executed. I would be very happy to recommend Echo Eighty to other organisations that are undergoing a similar process or are looking to collaborate with a professional and talented creative team.

– William Vargo | Managing Director, LUNIQ


The transformation of Defence Enterprise Solutions into LUNIQ is a testament to the power of strategic rebranding. By leveraging Echo Eighty’s defence sector acumen and design expertise, LUNIQ was equipped with an identity that reflects its values and aspirations, enabling it to make headway in diverse industries.